Ins and Outs - May 2016

We welcome the following new members and associates:


  • York
  • University of Law


  • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology


  • Mike Wright


Here are the new appointments in the sector:

Heads/Directors/Managers of Health and Safety:

  • Neil Budworth                                                         Loughborough University
  • Cathy Day                                                                    University Of Southampton
  • Jeanette Roberts                                                     Stirling


Health and Safety advisors:

  • Michelle Hingston-Wood                                  Plymouth University
  • Joanne Barringer                                                    University of Portsmouth
  • Andrea Eccles                                                            Cambridge
  • Mike Young                                                                University of Brighton

Biological Safety advisors:

  • Phil Walsh                                                                  Edinburgh University

Occupational Health and Safety lecturer:

  • Mo Tarabi                                                                    Middlesex University                                          

Fire Officers/advisors:

  • Danny Thompson                                                   Durham
  • Enda Rooney                                                             University of Greenwich
  • Joe Brannigan                                                           Edinburgh