New Guidance Document For Researchers

USHA, in association with IOSH, has launched a new Guidance document to help manage Health and Safety in Research.

Chair of USHA Clive Parkinson said, “The new Guidance is another example of how those involved in Safety in Research organisations can work together under a common banner. I expect that these collaborations to continue with USHA taking a leading role.”

The Education Service Advisory Committees document ‘Managing Health and Safety aspects of research in higher education’ was first published in 2000. Since then organisations have been encouraged to manage health and safety using a ‘plan-do-check-act’ approach and the new guidance has been updated to reflect this management system.
The scope of the new document has also been widened to make it relevant to all ‘not-for-profit’ research not just the education sector.

Chair of the USHA Project Group who put the guidance together Marion Richards from University of Sussex said, “The Health & Safety culture in the UK has matured and it was felt that an overview was needed. We wanted a guidance that would be more easily read and understood”

IOSH research and information services manager Jane White said: “IOSH is delighted to support the guide focusing on responsible research. USHA should be very proud of what they have produced.

“The guide, which lives on the IOSH and USHA websites, gives clear and supportive advice on how to address health and safety issues when conducting research. Its strength comes in the many practical examples of specific research situations and how to manage them.This is about making things happen, finding the next scientific breakthrough whilst making sure that no one gets hurt doing it.”

The new guidance was launched to the research community at the Natural History Museum in London. Delegates heard from a variety of eminent speakers using case studies about the various health and safety challenges and considerations relevant to their research environments.

Key note speaker was the BBC Science presenter and commentator Jim Al-Khalili OBE. He is also Professor of Theoretical Physics and Chair in the Public Engagement in Science at the University of Surrey.

Also speaking was Dick Hoeneveld from Delft University in Holland and Alain Pardon from IMEC in Belgium where research is applied for better healthcare and sustainable energy.

Jim Al-Khalili

Clive-Parkinson-Marion-Richards-Jim Al-Khalili